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Special Sauce CBD Flower Featured

Special Sauce CBD Strain Review

This indica-dominant hybrid has come to be known as Berkshire’s ‘rookie strain’.This is because beginning CBD hemp users will find the Special Sauce strain to be easy on the lungs with a smooth, silky smoke that won’t tear at your throat or cause coughing fits like other, more coarse and pungent strains. But don’t think the soft, velvet smoke detracts from its potency, as this cultivar still delivers a high concentration of CBD. Special sauce has a very unique smell and is highly sought after as a sleep aid. Hence the name: ‘Special’ because of its distinct aroma, and ‘Sauce’ because its smoke is so smooth going down. 

Placing 2nd at the 2019 Oregon Growers Cup, Special Sauce CBD hemp flower is a top selling in the international market for trimmed flower, and is a highly sought after strain for full spectrum oil extraction, due to the high resin content of the hemp flower. 

Special Sauce CBD Hemp Flower Lifestyle

Origins & History

Discussing Special Sauce’s heritage gets a little complicated, since it was derived from another Strain known also as ‘Special Sauce.’ For the purpose of this review, we’ll simply refer to the parent plant as ‘OG Special Sauce.’ Special Sauce is not an uncommon strain name amongst oregon-based growers, but Berkshire CBD’s version of Special sauce was originally bred by Oregon CBD, and is considered by them to be their flagship strain. 

Oregon CBD arrived at their current Special Sauce CBD strain by breeding OG Special Sauce with Early Resin Berry (ERB).

(On a quick side note: Early Resin Berry seems to be quite the stud; having been crossed with other strains to cultivate several of Berkshire’s available strains, including Suver Haze and Elektra.)

OG Special Sauce bequeathed a strong cannabinoid profile to it’s child, as well as it’s indica-dominant elements. While Early Resin berry provided her with the unique aroma of exotic berries.

Flavor Profile & Appearance

Berkshire Special Sauce CBD Bud

Though quite dense with bright pink stigmas. You will notice that Special Sauce hemp flowers are amongst the smallest you have ever seen. But unlike other, larger hemp buts, they are simply glazed all over in resin. The syrupy film makes it easy to see why ‘Sauce’ had to make its way into the name, and is where most of the bud’s strong fragrance comes from. 

It’s no surprise that Special Sauce is such a standard strain used for oils and that it yields such a high return. The strain reaches maturity right around seven weeks, which means it matures faster than most strains. However, it’s yield is not quite as plentiful as other strains. The Special Sauce strain cultivation is Ideal for humid climates as it is highly mold resistant. 

If you’re lucky enough to ever smell a whole field of Special Sauce at once, it is said to be amongst the most pleasant aromas to be experienced in the hemp industry! 

We’ve already commented on the breathability of the Special Sauce strain, and how easy it is for buyers unaccustomed to smoking. The OG Special Sauce had a hoppy, lemon-earthy quality that sometimes comes through after the high, astringent notes derived from Early Resin Berry.

Terpenes & Cannabinoids

Terpenes are botanical compounds responsible for the unique flavor and aromatic profiles of CBD Hemp flower. Together with cannabinoids, terpenes also may play a role in defining the distinct therapeutic properties displayed in each strain.

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Special Sauce is more commonly extracted than smoked due to its high CBD content. High CBD content in strains retain much more potency during the process of extraction. Berkshire’s Special Sauce Strain contains 13.16% CBDa, 0.79% CBD, and 0,10% CBC and CBGa. 

The top three terpenes in Special Sauce are myrcene, caryophyllene, and humelene. Humelene provides the Hoppy undercurrent to the hemo buds aroma. Biomedical research has shown humelene to be an effective anti-bacterial agent as well as an anti-inflammatory and appetite suppressant.

Special Sauce Terpenes
Special Sauce Terpenes
Suver Haze Cannabinoids
Special Sauce Cannabinoids

Special Sauce Effects

People with sensitive throats always gravitate to Special Sauce for its gentle, delicate smoking experience. Due to its indica-dominance, Special Sauce is considered an evening strain, providing a full-body relaxation that allows people to fully release their tensions after a hard day’s work. Special Sauce strain users report experiencing negative feelings and tensions begin to dissolve quickly upon ingestions, and replaced by a warm, cozy sleepiness.

Similar CBD Hemp Flower Strains

Special Sauce is included in Berkshire’s Rest and Mindfulness Collection, alongside Special Sauce and Hawaiian Haze. Any of these 3 strains will help you to settle in for a nice, quiet evening before bed.

Hawaiin Haze, shares Special Sauce’s fruity flavor profile and soothing, mellowing effects. 

Suver Haze is another indica-dominant strain which share’s a reputation for a calm, relaxing experience. 

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Berkshire Special Sauce CBD Flower

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Special Sauce is a great end-of-day, relaxing strain with tasting notes of candy and lemon.