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Want to buy high-quality hemp flower online? All of the hemp flower we sell at Berkshire CBD is slow dried, hand-trimmed and finally let to rest for a 60-day slow cure, to provide our customers with the very best in quality. We offer organic hemp from our beautifully harvested flowers. When you order online with us, you will experience excellence in customer service, delivery, and your CBD products. We understand you may have some questions about CBD flower, as well as the research on hemp products. We want you to rest assured that Berkshire CBD is available to answer any questions on CBD products, hemp strains, research on the benefits of CBD, as well as provide any answers for you regarding shipping and delivery.

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At Berkshire CBD, we cherish our connection to the Earth and our customers. When hemp farmers care and love the earth, they raise flowers saturated with vibrant and potent qualities. Grown without fertilizers or pesticides, every Berkshire hemp flower is a product of the sun, rain, and earth. Our customers can tell too, they say, “Berkshire CBD really respects the farm and the planet as a whole. Their organic practices are something I can stand behind.” Indeed, our business model is laser focused on customer service as well as climate change, one hemp flower at a time.

Many ask what happens after the hemp plants grow to thriving maturity. After carefully monitoring the hemp plant’s growth, our Berkshire professionals look for the optimal time to harvest. Our team takes pride in their keen ability to observe the flowers and to know when the CBD terpenes and their essential effects will be maximized.

At Berkshire CBD, we grow to this maximum potency while balancing our State and Federal regulations. In this way, our customers can buy our products online with absolute confidence that all of our hemp flower is legal and vetted thoroughly. All of our CBD products are USDA hemp flower compliant, as well as third party lab tested and certified. To ensure the ultimate security in purchasing our CBD hemp flower, all of our packages include our hemp lab tests as well as a notice to law enforcement outlining the legal levels of our hemp products.

Before our hemp flower reaches the online store or retail shelves, every CBD bud is hand trimmed and lovingly manicured to perfection. Our customers appreciate the artisan quality of this process. Berkshire CBD’s farmers help oversee the trimming of the hemp crop. We know that every stage is vital and critical. To this end, we take pride in having our hand in every moment of our hemp flower’s life. Hand trimming requires attention, artistry, and care. We choose to create ultimate quality rather than fast quantity. This means our entire team connects deeply with small batches of hemp flower.

This decision to create small batches of CBD-rich hemp flower means our Berkshire team works closely together. We meticulously hold each bud as an artist holds the brush or as a sculptor caresses the stone. We choose small moments of perfection rather than mass-produced products.

Indeed, with the explosive growth of the CBD industry, many hemp flower companies have necessarily turned to industrial processing. The machine trimming often hacks away precious elements of the CBD bud, as well as obliterates the fragile frost-like structure of trichomes that lace throughout the flower in glistening resin. At Berkshire CBD, we feel that machine cutting our hemp flower crop would not best honor our farmers nor our Earth. While mass-production may initially drive up CBD companies’ profits, the long-term effects do not resonate with our family-owned and locally sourced mission.

With this mission, we ensure that all of our CBD hemp flower cures for a minimum of 60 days. Our Berkshire curing rooms are temperature controlled and lined with gleaming glass jars. Every Berkshire CBD strain blossoms under the hands of our curing connoisseurs. We model our curing process after the wine cellars in Italy and France, where every inch permeates with premium heritage hemp.

This is the hemp flower which we stand behind at Berkshire CBD. Every aspect sings of excellence and pride from hemp seed to our CBD online service. We wake up every morning filled with energy and vibrant health living with our CBD products, and we celebrate the moment of processing an order. We feel the packaging of hemp flower is the greatest gift we can give to the world. Each order represents the Earth, sun, rain and wind that grew our crop. Each order contains all of the care from our farmers and the passion of our trimmers. Each order holds all of the perfection from our curing rooms. And finally, each order honors the promise of delivering the world’s premium hemp flower straight to your door.

If you have any questions, please know we are here for you. The best part of our day is when we get an email or a call from you. When you order from Berkshire CBD, you’re family. Welcome home.

The Berkshire CBD Difference

We work closely with small farms across the country who use organic practices to grow high quality hemp flower buds and products. All of our CBD rich hemp flower is sun grown outdoors without the use of chemical herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.


Quality Assured

All of our CBD hemp buds flower for sale online are is third-party lab tested to ensure federal compliance. Each order is accompanied by a copy of the certificate of analysis to ensure premium quality and a delta 9 THC content of less than 0.3%.