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Since you’re reading this, no doubt you’re aware of the new legal status of hemp. When President Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill, it opened up new opportunities and access for CBD consumers and producers alike. Suddenly, state borders and boundaries no longer applied to hemp like it still does with marijuana due to the latter’s continued illegal status under federal law.

Meanwhile, the legal hemp industry is exploding in ways you probably haven’t imagined. To many, the term “industrial hemp” translates as marijuana’s less-visible twin sister who often gets lost in the shadows due to her sibling’s popularity. Sure, hemp and marijuana are both forms of cannabis, but they are oh so different.

Those not yet familiar with hemp and related products may still think that marijuana is the big cannabinoid producer with regard to both of the big ones, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). While there may be some truth with regard to marijuana’s cannabinoid market potential, hemp is poised to dominate the CBD bud market. If you haven’t heard of connoisseur hemp flower, get ready for it because it’s not only on the way, it’s already here. The term “industrial hemp” doesn’t really apply, because although hemp flower may technically fall into that category because of its extremely low THC level, “artisan hemp,” and “boutique quality hemp” are more accurate term, because hemp cultivators are hard at work developing new terpene and high CBD experiences through the selective breeding. It’s very similar to what’s happening with some talented marijuana cultivators, it’s just that artisan hemp producers are working with a different cannabinoid.


Consider the hundreds of marijuana strains that are currently for sale at dispensaries in all legal marijuana states. Many have outlandish names and potent THC levels—which is exactly what customers and patients want. The rich amounts of terpenes present in these strains result in flavors that range from fruity and sweet to earthy and savory. When it comes to flavor and potency, there is something for everyone when it comes to commercial marijuana.

The same thing is now happening at an unprecedented rate with hemp flower, as artisan hemp farms get to work on enhancing their existing flower strains and creating new ones. These will be different from high THC medical marijuana strains, because hemp flower will contain only minute amounts of THC—0.3 percent or less. Since CBD is known to counteract the effects of high THC content, the hemp flower experience will be purer in the overall CBD effect than high-CBD marijuana. If you’re seeking CBD in whole-plant form, hemp flower will provide the most CBD benefits.

Now that there is an open market for hemp flower, you’re likely to see an increasingly wide range of CBD flower strains with rich flavors and plentiful terpenes present—as well as copious amounts of CBD. The number of hemp flower strains will increase as well.


No discussion of the benefits of whole-plant CBD is complete without touching on the entourage effect. Basically, the entourage effect supports the benefits of whole-pant medicine over single-compound medicine. To the cheers of many, no doubt, the entourage effect paints a brighter picture for artisan cultivators in the cannabis space more than big pharma scientists working to isolate single-compound medicine in a laboratory. The plethora of compounds found in hemp interact in various ways, and there is evidence that they promote each other’s strengths in complex and interactive ways. Modern science is still working to fully understand the synergistic relationships at play with various cannabis compounds and the relationship each has with the others.

The is compelling evidence that whole-pant medicine provided by CBD rich artisan hemp flower provides more medicinal and health benefits than “pure” CBD oil—and this artisan flower is only bound to improve as breeders focus on promoting terpene and CBD levels.

If you’ve tried other CBD products—or are interested but haven’t yet—make CBD rich hemp buds your next cannabis experience, and experience the power of whole-plant medicine for yourself.

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