The Berkshire CBD Difference

Our premium CBD hemp flower is cultivated  by small farms using all organic practices—producing the highest quality whole CBD flower available on the market. Each small batch is slow dried, hand trimmed and cured for over 60 days. All of our hemp flower products are stored at 62% relative humidity preserving the rich and distinct terpene profiles of each of our strains. Finally, every batch is tested by a 3rd party state certified laboratory to ensure federal compliance and the safety of our products.

      Flower by Mood

        Quality is our top priority.

        We are a family-owned farm dedicated to sourcing the best CBD rich hemp flower and buds collections. We work closely with small farms in conjunction with third-party, state-licensed testing facilities to ensure that we bring you the very best  experience in hemp flower. All of our premium CBD hemp bud is slow dried, 60-day cured, hand manicured, and cultivated outdoors without the use of any chemical herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

        3rd Party Lab Tested

        All of our hemp flower for sale is third-party, lab tested and each order is accompanied by a certificate of analysis to ensure premium quality and a delta 9 THC content of less than 0.3%

        Organic Practices

        All of our CBD rich flower is grown using all organic farming practices. All soil amendments are organic certified and no chemical herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers are used.

        Small Batch

        All of our hemp bud is slow dried, 60 day-cured and hand trimmed similar to traditional high THC cannabis strains for the highest quality product and the most enjoyable experience possible.


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        All of our CBD Hemp Flower and CBD Oil products are lab tested to ensure quality and compliance with federal laws.

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